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"An idle mind is a devil's playground."

Oct 7, 2021

 I am an outdoor person who enjoys mountains and traveling. The pandemic affected my hobbies because I can no longer join trail races or even do hiking. There are a lot of travel restrictions and since the Delta is even a more potent strain, it is extremely difficult to move around. This is why I started several hobbies that will help me keep my mental health in check. I recently started exercising indoors using a Yoga mat and I followed exercises that I saw on YouTube. I guess goal setting is extremely important when it comes to fitness and weight loss. So, my new hobby is cardio using yoga and simple mat exercises. I started watching fitness videos with the likes of Emi Wong. In addition to this, I started arts and crafts, jewelry making or accessory making and reading.

    I enjoy making earrings and bracelets and I turned it into a small business as well. 

I am a person who always wants to be busy and preoccupied because I believe in the saying that, “an idle mind is the devil’s playground”. My hobbies help me cope with the daily stresses of life by helping me stay fit and also earn extra money. 

What are your newfound hobbies during this pandemic?

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