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Craft with Jaja Soon!

Jun 20, 2016

Art instructor Jaja loves the cats so very much! That's why I get cat inspiration for my "DIY Wrist Rest" accessory for my keyboard. Also, as a designer and a craft lover, I see to it that my crafts are environmentally friendly and promote re-use, recycle and the like practices. Let's be one of the responsible citizen of mother earth!  

How do you think of this project? Almost close to the printed cutie kitten on the paper? The kitten on the left side is painted with the acrylic paints by yours truly! it is painted on the used fabric clothing with the soft pillow fiber-fill from an old stuff toy! This cutie cat head is attached to its long soft body figure (of a keyboard length dimension) to catch your tired wrist whenever you work on your laptops or computers. 

Wanna know how? Or just simply want to unwind with this artsy stuff? Well then, craft with Jaja on her incoming Craft Lesson very soon! The lesson is incorporated by the application of Design Process and Fundamentals! Let me know your thoughts about this! Maybe to the comment box below or to my inbox!  

You may want to keep updated! I'll give off big discounts for the new lesson! :))

* Meanwhile, you can take first my Watercolor Painting Lesson as its lesson contents, from the painting techniques through the color theory and the compositional drawing skills will be a big help for your desired crafting skills and knowledge for the creative stuffs! 

Lesson: Watercolor Painting Class
Price: 2500 Points
Length: 50
Trial Minutes: 25
URL: http://cafetalk.com/lessons/detail/?id=57965


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