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End of Summer

Aug 23, 2012

The summer is nearly over, I would love to discuss with you how you have spent your summer and how do you cope with the change of seasons.

Also let's talk about the Olympics, world affairs, US senate race, general topics and anything else you would like to discuss, learn more about.

I am here for you and will analyze your (your child's) need and build lessons around you. 

You can also use the coupon below for any of the lessons.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


The End of the summer is coming, school is starting, autumn will soon be starting. I am offering a coupon for lessons carried out for the next two months. I look forward to seeing you very soon. Natalie ============================ Coupon: End of Summer /Back to School Code: TRQkUewb For Service: Any For User: Any Discount: 25% Coupon effective for lessons CARRIED OUT: 2012/08/26 (Sun)~2012/10/21 (Sun) (GMT+02:00) Jerusalem ============================

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