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"Chat Attack" is Back! --> Limited Time Offer

May 26, 2017

Hi everyone!

As a part of my summer promotion, I'm relaunching my popular lesson pack, "Chat Attack."  It is a 5-lesson pack, each lesson being 15 minutes long.  

This lesson was wildly popular when I first launched it - I jam a lot of learning into 15 minutes! 

If you don't want to miss out on the deal, request fast because there's a catch - I'm only opening up this lesson pack to the first 7 people who request it!

After the first 7 requests, I'll restrict new requests until further notice.

See you in class!

- Dani L. 

Glossary - 

To jam into (verb phrase) = To pack lots of things into something; to put many things into something

To miss out (phrasal verb) = To lose an opportunity; to not enjoy something because one did not take a chance

A catch (n.) = A small disadvantage in a mostly favourable situation 

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