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Raising children

Четверг, 11 Сентябрь 2014 r. 17:09

Parenting is very dificult. Many times we find ourselves in conflict with the children and we blame the kids for not obeying us. 

But the problem is much deeper. A parent who is emotionally or mentally hurt or who has an identity problem will always be physically present in the house but emotionally absent. Thus the spiritual connection with the kid is disrupted and the kid feels confused, lonely, scared and ANGRY. 

The child's anger is a reaction of self defense in the face of a big scary world, while his parent is busy with his own pain or problems. 

Thus the conflict. 

What is the secret to a good relationship between parents and children? 

Is it scolding or making the kids feel insecure and threatened? Or is it building a friendship, a deep relationship, meaningful for both parties, where the child feels secure and confident in himself and the parent?

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