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Quick Chat in English

15min 600P

Skype Lesson

Are you on a busy schedule? Even talking a little bit every day helps...

Japanese for Beginners

25min 800P

Skype Lesson

This is a class for students just starting with their Japanese studie...

Japanese Conversation Class

25min 800P

Skype Lesson

Let's talk in Japanese! Practice your spoken Japanese, improve your f...

English Conversation Class

25min 1,200P

Skype Lesson

Practice your spoken English, improve your fluency and enhance your v...

Quick Music Lesson/Chat

15min 1,000P

Skype Lesson

Get some quick advice on anything guitar/music related!

More time to practice your spoken English, improve your fluency and e...

Learn Guitar!

50min 4,000P

Skype Lesson

All levels welcome! Let's get you started with your first chords or c...

Let's talk in Japanese! More time to practice your spoken Japanese, i...

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