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Dec 22, 2020 17:00 ~ Dec 22, 2021 17:00
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We can practice speaking about anything in English! I will help you w...

Do you need help with your Junior High to College level essays? I can...

Let's Read Together!

25min 1,000 Pts

You or I can pick any book to read and we can discuss it together!

What are slangs? Slangs are casual and trendy language that are used ...

Learn the basics of texting and gaming acronyms!

Do you love skincare? If not, you might after this lesson! If you do,...

If you do not do skin care, at least use sunscreen! Why? Learn more i...

Do you want to learn how to put on natural makeup? Come join this les...

Do you have a party or event to go to?! Or do you just want to learn ...

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