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What lessons are available? Which lesson is right for me? I'm happy t...

Jazz vocal lesson

50min 2,500 Pts

This is a lesson in teaching jazz vocal. English pronunciation, pitch...

Pops lesson

50min 2,500 Pts

Let's sing your favorite songs in English. I'll advise you not only s...

Singing lesson

50min 2,500 Pts

Let's learn your favorite songs. Any genre is welcome.

Singing lesson

25min 1,500 Pts

Easy and fun vocal lesson!

This is a newly designed lesson for moms and dads who want to sing wi...

Why don't you train your speaking voice so that you can talk to peopl...

This is a jazz piano lesson for beginners.

50 minutes piano lesson for any genre

You can talk to the piano teacher in English and learn to play the pi...

For those who want to start playing the piano for the accompaniment o...

I'm looking forward to hearing from those who want to make their own ...

Lessons are tailored to your level and needs. My goal is to give you ...

15 minutes per lesson! Today we will practice conversation, today we ...

Carefully tailored Japanese lessons to your level and wishes. One-on...

Talk to me, I listen

50min 2,500 Pts

I created this place so that you can enjoy what you love to do to the...

Coaching session

50min 2,500 Pts

If you don't know what you want to do, or if you have a goal but don'...

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