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Français d'affaires

50min 2,000 Pts

C'est une leçon pour les apprenants intrérmédiaires ou avancés qui ve...

Learn many useful idioms, with original examples, and a surprise prov...

Learn many useful phrasal verbs, with original examples, and a surpri...

Non Skype lesson

0min 1,000 Pts

Non Skype lesson - this service can include proofreading, rewriting, ...

Let's get to know each other and have a nice chat about further inter...

What would you like to talk about today? Let's have a nice chat! :)

Coffee with a teacher

50min 1,400 Pts

What would you like to talk about today? Let's have a nice chat! :)

No Rules!

50min 1,400 Pts

It's a lesson tailored only for you! Use your creativity!

This is a lesson where you can add 20 new words to your vocabulary im...

Reading and vocabulary focused materials that are really fun!

Are you interested in different topics concerning health, politics, e...

Eiken1st - Speaking

25min 1,000 Pts

Are you preparing for the Eiken exam and want to practice speaking? I...

TED Talk

50min 1,400 Pts

Let's listen to some successful people who can teach us so much about...

No need to be anxious about interviews anymore! Practice makes everyt...

You were always interested in French, but never had a chance to actua...

If you already have some ideas on what you'd like to study, or you al...

French pronunciation is not as difficult as it looks like! Practice w...

Café avec un prof

25min 800 Pts

De quoi voudriez-vous parler aujourd'hui? Parlons un peu!

Customizable Hungarian lesson

Miről szeretnél ma beszélni? Gyere és beszélgessünk egy jót!

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