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Any lesson 50% discount!!!

Jul 20, 2018 13:00〜Jan 1, 2019 13:59

Lessons for which you can use this coupon

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  • Academic Tutoring
  • Counseling
  • Spanish

Alphabet pronunciation

40min 700P

Skype Lesson

Forget about your spelling problems!

Grammar solutions

30min 400P

Skype Lesson

Solve any grammar-related questions in a professional way!

Active vs. Passive Voice

30min 1,000P

Skype Lesson

Master the elements of passive voice.

Conversacion en español

30min 800P

Skype Lesson

Practica tu español con un hablante nativo

Orientación psicológica

60min 1,000P

Skype Lesson

Ayuda con ese problema que está afectando tus actividades diarias.

Psychology topics

60min 1,600P

Skype Lesson

An academic point of view in Psychology, based on scientific evidence.

Free conversation

45min 1,000P

Skype Lesson

Come see what you can achieve if you try hard!

Be clear and confident in critical academic presentations

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