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Tracy's Country Adventure Camp!

Our Adventure Camp is for groups of people to enjoy guided activities together in a fun and educational as well as incredibly beautiful and relaxing environment.

Tracy R.
Planning to reopen camp in 2018

6 nights Full camp or 4 nights Half camp possible

Date suggestions are welcome (*Camp only possible with min. 4 participants)

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Tracy's Country Adventure Camp!

Who can participate in this program


  • Individuals (men and women allowed)
  • Couples
  • Families

*Children under 18 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult.

There need to be 4 people at minimum for every camp to take place (not including babies).

For the first two camps the maximum number of participants is 6 people (not including babies)

About this Camp!

This camp will be a bit different than a homestay program, and that's why it's called "Camp"! Our Adventure Camp is for groups of people to enjoy guided activities together in a fun and educational as well as incredibly beautiful and relaxing environment.

You will live out in the country with us, with no other home in sight other than the houses on our farm. Trips to the nearest city will only be pre-planned as a group activity.

Guests will be allowed (encouraged even!) to participate in the daily running of the farm which can include feeding all the animals, milking the goats, tending the garden, and caring for newborn baby animals (baby goats (called kids), chicks, turkeys(poults), ducks(ducklings), baby rabbits, kittens, or puppies are all possible!)

The Farm

Set outside the small town of Glendale, Oregon, the farm is located on the side of gently rolling mountains in a private and quiet treed setting. The air is fresh and the scenery is almost always green, except when it snows. Standing in the upper pasture, it will feel like you are the only person alive, surrounded by the beauty of nature on this fully fenced property.

This farm is a fully functioning farm, with goats, poultry, horses, rabbits, and dogs and cats. In the springtime, the fields are full of frolicking kids. Guardian dogs devotedly watch over their herds of goats and chickens. Chickens, baby chicks, ducks, and turkeys will come clucking when called, eager to see what treats they are receiving.

My Family

Tracy: Me! I'll be your main host! I was raised on a farm very similar to this, and I want to share this way of life with you, my students and guests!!

Karen: My mother! will take a big part in this camp as she is the boss of this farm! She is a very honest and active person who has always loved animals. She takes care of her animals devotedly, enjoying her quiet country home and the beautiful views of the mountains.

Matthew: my husband! is a "country boy at heart" though he grew up in the city. He is our "fix it" man and is extremely capable, helping with just about everything! Right now, he works as a wildland firefighter and loves his job and helping people. Because of his job, he will only occasionally be able to help at the farm, during times when there is little or no fire danger.

Our property / Your stay

There are 3 houses on our 50 acre property. Hosts (Tracy, Karen, and Matthew) will be staying in the smallest house.

For our guests, we have two other houses available and all guests will be provided with a private bedroom, or a private bedroom for groups/families traveling together.

-Red lodge-

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • A full kitchen (where most meals will be prepared)
  • A large living room (where dancing and other indoor activities will take place).

-Brown lodge-

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • A large living room for guests to relax in
  • A small partial kitchen with coffee maker, microwave, and a small fridge

The Red Lodge is where meals will be cooked and the main house for indoor activities such as watching movies, dancing, baking, etc. Each house will contain a small library with a variety of books to choose from if guests want to read.

Included in your stay

  • Lodging (including basic amenities)
  • 3 meals daily (Full breakfast, light lunch (picnic/outdoors), Dinners (American or European style)
  • Activities (listed below)
  • Transportation from Medford airport to farm and from farm to Medford airport on set dates
  • English conversation with native speakers all day, every day! (This will be total immersion, so students will learn very quickly. Hosts will be very patient with guests who are not proficient with English so students can feel comfortable while learning English.)

Guided Activities

  • Horse related activities (Including: learning about our horses - Wild Mustangs - caring for horses, understanding horse behavior, riding lessons, cart rides.)
  • Goat care and milking (guests can learn how to milk goats. In addition, guests will be able to drink goat’s milk at meals, make ice cream or cheese from goat’s milk, and lotions. Guests who participate in making lotion will get to take some goat’s milk lotion home with them in small containers.)
  • Hiking in the mountains (The farm borders State Forest Land, which guests can only hike on with a host. This is for the safety of our guests, as the land is very large, and we don't want guests to get lost.)
  • Dog carting
  • English lessons
  • Country and Western dancing (Hosts will teach students who don’t know any dances)
  • Baking lessons
  • Crochet lessons

Non-guided Activities:

(Guests can do these various things on their own time or in place of guided activities)

  • Hiking (on the farm. There are 50 acres with trails)
  • Reading (there will be a small library in each Lodge with books for children and adults.)
  • Artwork (painting and drawing supplies will be provided)
  • Photography (guests must bring their own cameras)
  • Playing with animals (not including horses)
  • Fishing at the pond
  • Whittling
  • Movies

Anything else you want to do to relax!

Pricing ( in points )

Full Camp (6 nights)

132,000 points per individual (elementary school and up)​

99,000 points per child 2-5years (not ​attending elementary school)

33,000 points for babies under 2

Half Camp (4 nights)

88,000 points per​ ​individual (elementary school and up)

66,000 points per child 2-5 (not attending elementary school)

22,000 points for babies under 2

Does not include:

  • Airfare
  • Meals not prepared by hosts
  • Unplanned transportation costs, excluding medical related trips or emergencies

Discounts that can be applied to Camp:

Any night that students don't stay at the farm will receive 8,000 points per night (needs to be pre-arranged)

5,000 point discount for guests who don't need airport pick up/drop off

Model Itinerary:

This itinerary is tentative and subject to change. The schedule may be adjusted due to weather conditions or animals, which can be unpredictable.

Day 1 itinerary:

Airport arrival
Drive to the farm
Eat dinner

Day 2 itinerary:

07:00 - 08:00 am
8:00-9:00 am.
Free time
9-10:30 am.
Tour of the farm and introduction to the animals
10:30-11:30 am.
Free time (hosts will be preparing lunch)
11:30 - 12:30.
Free time. Open period for guests with questions (English or other) to be answered.
Introduction to horses and riding.
Free time. (hosts will be preparing dinner)
05:00 - 06:30 pm.
After 6:30.
Relaxation time! Campfire, talking, questions, music.

Day 3 itinerary:

07:00 - 08:00 am
8:00-9:00 am.
Learn how to milk a goat
9:00-11:00 am.
Make cheese from goat’s milk. (begin preparations for goat’s milk ice cream)
Make grilled cheese sandwiches from our homemade cheese, enjoy over crackers with veggies and meat and eat lunch
12:30-1:30 pm.
Free time. English open period.
Learn about Mustangs and training methods. Guests may have the chance to participate and bond with horses.
4:00-5:00 pm.
Free time (Hosts will be preparing dinner.)
05:00 - 06:30 pm.
After 6:30.
Relaxation time!

Day 4 itinerary:

07:00 - 08:00 am
8-9 am.
Free time
9-11:30 am.
Learn about horse care, saddling, etc. Riding lessons.
11:30 - 12:30.
Free time/English Questions answered.
Horse and dog carting.
Free time. (hosts will be preparing dinner.)
05:00 - 06:30 pm.
After 6:30.
Relaxation time! Country and western dancing

Day 5 itinerary:

07:00 - 08:00 am
8-10 am.
Free time/preparation
Hike onto State land. Horses, horse and cart, dog and cart will accompany for rest and fun. Lunch will be eaten on the trail at a designated picnic site.
3-5 pm.
Free time (hosts will be taking care of animals and preparing dinner.)
05:00 - 06:30 pm.
After 6:30 pm.
Relaxation time! Campfire, talking, music

Day 6 itinerary:

07:00 - 08:00 am
8-9 am.
Milk goats.
9-11:30 am.
Group 1. Make goat’s milk lotion.
Group 2. Make goat’s milk ice cream.
11:30 - 12:30.
12:30-1:30 pm.
Free time. English open period.
Competitions! *
Free time (Hosts will be preparing dinner.)
05:00 - 06:30 pm.
After 6:30 pm.
Relaxation time. Prepare for departure following day.

Day 7 itinerary:

Early breakfast.
Departure for airport


Menu is only a suggestion. If guests do not want to eat the prepared food for meals, they may use the kitchen facilities after the hosts are finished to prepare their own food.

Items with a * are only served on select mornings.


Served from 7am to 8am. Breakfast items such as cereal and bread will be available before and after regular breakfast hours as well.

  • Cereal
  • Eggs
  • Toast (Jellies, peanut butter, honey, and butter available as topping)
  • Bagels (with cream cheese spread)
  • Rice (hot rice is going to be available for breakfast)
  • Fresh fruit
  • Bacon or ham
  • French toast*
  • Pancakes*
  • Drinks will consist of coffee, juice, milk or tea


11:30- 12:30. Lunch will be light and sometimes will be served outdoors, during hiking, carting or other picnic type setting. Lunch will be served with options of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Chicken salad
  • Chicken sandwiches
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • Grilled cheese*
  • Burrito bowl
  • Monte Cristo sandwiches
  • fruit and vegetable smoothies


5-6:30pm. Dinners will be served at a dinner table or at an outdoor dinner table. Fresh fruit will be served after dinner with dessert and decaf coffee or tea.

  • Goulash (a Hungarian dish) served with fresh or steamed vegetables
  • Stroganoff served with fresh vegetables
  • Pizza* with a side of salad
  • Baked chicken and loaded potatoes with steamed vegetables
  • Hot wings with blue cheese dip, baked potato wedges and steamed or fresh vegetables
  • Sauteed chicken with tomato-pesto sauce and shredded cheese over a bed of angel hair pasta with a side of garlic bread and fresh vegetables
  • Tacos and burritos (including all toppings which guests will fix to their liking)
  • Rice and chicken casserole with a side of fresh salad
  • Paella
  • Outdoor grilled dinners (various meats and vegetables possible)
  • Desserts will follow dinner and can comprise of cookies, cakes, ice cream*, fruit salad, s’mores, etc

*Lunch and dinner options with a * will be group participation and production. Instructions will be given for those who don’t know how to cook. Other tasks are available for those who don’t want to cook but still want to help. Participation is not required to eat.

Fresh fruit can include: strawberries, cherries, watermelon, cantaloupe (other melon), apples, oranges, peaches/nectarines, plums, pineapple. Fresh vegetables can include: Cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, salad greens (spinach, kale, etc.), peas, avocados.

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