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Mona > Yes, I Can Speak English.Definitely. (pack)

Pack of 4 Yes, I Can Speak English.Definitely. (pack)

30min 10,000 Points (2,500 Points per lesson)

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English Conversation for advanced level students.



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This is a 4-lesson pack. You will be issued 3 "coupons" when the first request is confirmed. You will be able to use these coupons for subsequent requests in the pack. Please note that all requests related to this pack must be taken within 45 days of the confirmation date of the first request.


Greetings. This is a lesson designed for advanced level English speakers. We will focus our conversation on subjects taken up in online media such as newspapers, magazines, various articles, etc. Events incorporating issues in politics, economics, high tech, philosophy, art, design, fashion, music, sports...whatever suits your fancy! I will choose the subject matter designed to interest you. So, I need to know you! I need to know what interests you. We will start our first lesson with your self-introduction and a broad description of what you like. Then from there, I will choose a topic for you starting with the next lesson and we will have a free discussion with each lesson thereon. If the topic is long we may take more than one lesson to discuss it. If you need some time beforehand to discuss the topic I choose, I will try to give you a thumb's up one lesson ahead of time. I feel it is important that you be able to respond impromptu. After all, this is for advanced speakers! But not to worry. I keep your best interest in mind and will adjust my conversation to fit your needs!

New Students Welcome!

This tutor's cancellation policy

Cancellation of pack lessons
'Unstarted' lesson packs can be cancelled any time. Used Points will be completely refunded. If a 'started' lesson pack is cancelled, you will be refunded 50% of the price of the remaining lessons provided that the lessons are unrequested, unconfirmed or not within 24 hours of their scheduled start times.

Cancelling individual requests in a pack
• If you wish to cancel a single lesson that belongs to a pack but not the whole pack, you can do so via the request page. In this case, the coupon used to book the lesson will either be refunded or collected, based on the following policy.
Before request is confirmed (fixed)
• Cancelation possible at any time without charge.

After request is confirmed (fixed)
• Less than 48hours before lesson start time.→ Coupon will be consumed.
No-Show→ Coupon will be consumed.

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Hi, my name is Mona. I'm from Hawaii. I'm bilingual. I live in Tokyo now. Please view my video. I explain in both English and Japanese. I've been teaching for over 10 years, although its only been ab...

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