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Yukina Kita For foreigner who wants to work in Japan! Check and correct your Japanese Sentence for business.

For foreigner who wants to work in Japan! Check and correct your Japanese Sentence for business.

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Let's write Japanese fluently!


Do you have any difficulty to write Japanese Sentense?
If you want to work in Japan, you want to write correct Japanese sentense don't you?
But I think it is difficult to understand Japanse "Honorific language"!

I will check and correct your Japanese Sentense.
I'm work as a sales person for 7 years in Japan.
I can tell you business Japanese.

This lesson is without skype.
Please send me your Japanese sentence with text or any other files.
I'll check your Japanese.

Please tell me when you need to correct.
I need a few days to check it, but if you are in a hurry. I do as soon as possible.

If the number of letters more than 1000, please send request per 1000 letters.

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