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Hello everyone~!My name is Pon and I teach Chinese . I have 10 years of experience teaching Chinese in Tokyo. I currently live in Tokyo and teach at a Chinese language school in the heart of the city...

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This is a Chinese trial class. I am looking forward to seeing you in ...


Pinyin (汉语拼音)

25min 1,300P

Skype Lesson

Mastering pinyin will have an astoundingly positive effect on your Ch...

Master beginner level Chinese grammar in 24 chapters!

Pack of 4 (2,300 Points per lesson)

Practice makes perfect! Study systematically! if you take more than 4...

Pack of 4 (2,125 Points per lesson)


Pack of 8 (1,225 Points per lesson)

Improve your skills through these continuous lessons! This is a disco...

Pack of 8 (1,125 Points per lesson)


Pack of 4 (2,300 Points per lesson)

A discounted course for intermediate/advanced Chinese speakers

Pack of 4 (2,125 Points per lesson)


Pinyin (汉语拼音) 50 min

50min 2,200P

Skype Lesson

Each lesson is 50 minutes long. Original materials provided. Let's ma...

Anyone can have fun mastering Chinese pronunciation and grammar in th...

Listening Comprehension

25min 1,300P

Skype Lesson

Intensive listening comprehension training. Once you finish this cour...




Free Talk in Chinese (50 Minutes)

50min 2,200P

Skype Lesson

A 50 minute lesson that is open to beginners to advanced level studen...

Free Talk in Chinese

25min 1,300P

Skype Lesson

I will adjust the degree of difficulty to your level, so this class i...

This is a 50 minute lesson. The most popular Chinese textbook. Target...

The first book of a series that has gained much popularity

Short Term Spoken Chinese: Elementary

50min 2,200P

Skype Lesson

Improve your oral communication skills. Once you finish this elementa...

The Pre-Intermediate edition has 24 chapters that cover daily, academ...

Once you finish this Intermediate edition, you should be ready for HS...

Speak Like a Chinese Person!

50min 2,300P

Skype Lesson

Learn set phrases and idioms that Chinese people use! You can learn m...

Reading aloud is an important study method that will help you learn C...


Let’s create sentences together! You will build up your Chinese vocab...

Study real life Chinese and steadily improve your skills!

The materials are provided for free. Learn from simple greetings all ...

Learn business Chinese that is useful for customer service and negoti...

Chinese Proofreading

0min 1,500P

No Skype

I will correct your diary, essays, or anything that you have written ...

Custom Lesson

45min 2,300P

Skype Lesson

Please tell me what you’d like to learn! Let’s work hard together.

Pack of 3 (2,700 Points per lesson)


The New HSK Test (Levels 1-3)

25min 1,500P

Skype Lesson

We will analyze old test questions and work on many sample questions.

Pack of 3 (3,200 Points per lesson)


The New HSK (Level 6)

25min 1,700P

Skype Lesson

We will analyze old test questions and work on many sample questions....



“グローバル”の今、Englishはもちろんの事で、子供に+α(Chinese or Japanese)を勉強させてみませんか?楽しくし...


45min 2,300P

Skype Lesson


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