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My new challenge! 多言語すごろくチャレンジ!

May 13, 2021

Hello! It's tutor Juno.
I launched a new project: a multi-languages dice game project.

それは、多言語すごろく!ポエムチャレンジ!リレーでドン! 英語→フランス語→日本語→新しい言語→もっと新しい言語という企画です。
It’s a multi-language dice game. My poetry challenge! A relay race challenge from English,  French, then to Japanese. I am moving on to new languages as time goes by.

In this project, I translated the poem I wrote in English into French and Japanese to narrate them. We will take lessons from outstanding Cafetalk teachers worldwide, ask them to translate the poem, and receive their vocal sound source. It is an attempt to practice it hard for a week; let you know about the outcomes in my tutor columns and the radio programs.
Please enjoy!

コラム: 多言語すごろくチャレンジ(1)英語・フランス語・日本語
登録日: 2021年5月13日 (GMT+09:00 Tokyo)


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