Brian R. 講師的通知

New Weekday Schedule for May


Dear Students,

I hope all of you are doing well during this uncertain time. I have been happy to share lessons with you all every weekend, and I hope that we can continue to do so. 

For those of you who are free during the weekdays and would like to spend some time practicing your English, or for those of you who would like to just have a pleasant chat in the evenings, I have some good news! 

Starting next week, I will be available for lessons on weekday evenings Monday - Thursday, from 6 p.m - 8 p.m JST. Feel free to make a request! Also, you can use the coupon below to request one lesson for the next month 20% off! Now you can enjoy a lesson during the week, and save some points too.

I'm looking forward to seeing you very soon, and in the meantime stay safe and keep going strong. 

Happy Learning,


Coupon Link here:
Coupon Name: Special Discount!
Code: 1524e1e8
Discount Rate: 20%
For Lesson: Any lesson except for lesson packs
Effective for lessons conducted between: May 17, 2021 ~ May 27, 2021
(GMT+07:00 Bangkok)