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Storytelling and English - 70% off


Dear all,
As most of you know, I lived in China for 7 years and a few weeks ago I left China and arrived in Philippines where I will be staying until early July. I haven't been active on Cafetalk due to all the issues related to moving from one country to another but now I am a bit more settled and looking forward to seeing you in class again!
This is why I am offering 70% off on all my Storytelling lessons, starting from Monday, May 30th and ending on June 10th. It means all the lessons you book within these 2 weeks will be disocunted by 70%, regardless of how many times you book them. If you had already booked a lesson prior to seeing this notification, feel free to cancel it and use the coupon instead. :)
I hope to see you soon!
Coupon Name: Storytelling and English - 70% off
Code: 2562b52d
Discount Rate: 70%
For Lesson: Storytelling and English
Effective for lessons conducted between: May 30, 2022 ~ Jun 10, 2022
(GMT+08:00 Manila)