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Find out some of the popular approaches to American humor. What’s So Funny?


This seminar is for people who love humor and ask, "what are some of the popular approaches to American humor?" And, it turns out, some of these approaches are indeed universal.

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Date / Time:
Wed Oct 28th, 2015 21:00 (Japan Time)
About 30 Min
1,500 Points
Live viewing AND viewing of the recording are both possible
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What’s So Funny?

Wed Oct 28th, 2015 21:00 (Asia/Tokyo)

Recording is being prepared

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Kathy Klotz-Guest (MA, MBA, MLA) founder of the marketing and communications firm, Keeping it Human. She is a speaker and a storyteller who helps organizations turn marketing-speak into compelling, human, and fun stories that customers and employees act on.

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