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Scary But Silly Stories & Frightening but Funny Phrases Culture Shock -A Halloween Special-


The 23rd Live Seminar will be held by Jordan, an energetic and high spirited tutor!
Hometown: Middle of Nowhere, USA?! Get to know this friendly and popular tutor who is fluent in Japanese! Just in time for Halloween, Jordan has prepared a collection of "scary" stories and culture shock anecdotes.

Seminar Details

Date / Time:
Wed Oct 29th, 2014 22:00 (Japan Time)
About 20 Min
Live viewing AND viewing of the recording are both possible
J. Ring Sakabe


Scary wasei eigo!
Terrifying pronunciation mishaps.
*Cold sweat*....Japanese mistakes
*Tremble*...Japanese culture?!

Culture Shock -A Halloween Special-

Wed Oct 29th, 2014 22:00 (Asia/Tokyo)

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Cafetalk tutor J. Ring Sakabe

J. Ring Sakabe

Jordan’s Mission

Having fun while developing English conversational skills. Learning phrases, vocabulary and grammar is definatly important, but even more important than that is using it regularly and communicating in English. My goal is to help you become able to comfortably use English。

I am from America and have been teaching English conversation and Japanese conversation for several years. I teach most of my lessons on skype and some in person.

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