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Hi there! My name is Marie Smith. I am a people person, a good listener and I have a passion for teaching. I was a private English tuor in Japan in 1995 until 2000. I worked for Sanjo Board of Education in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture in the year 2000. I conducted English lessons in public schools. I was an Assistant Language Teacher and I make my own lesson plans and activities for my elementary students. I assisted the Japanese homeroom teacher in the class. I worked for INTERAC Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher and conducted English classes in public schools  in Hiroshima Prefecture and Okayama prefecture. I speak JapaneseTagalog and English. In 2007, I took my TEFL course(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in Zhuhai, China. I conducted English lessons to Chinese adult students. My lessons ranged from beginners lesson to highler level of English like debate class, public speaking and writing journal as well. I firmly believe I can help you speak English with ease and confidence in a short period of time. I give my students more time to speak during my lesson. It gives them the confidence and they feel more comfortable speaking the language. If you are looking for an English teacher who can motivate and encourage you to speak, you are viewing the right profile. Please try my lessons and you will keep coming back for more. Thank you!


Q. Hi Marie, please tell us a little bit about yourself. A. I’m originally from the Philippines but I lived half of my life in Japan. I was an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan. I moved from one prefecture to another. First I was an ALT in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture. I moved to Hiroshima then to Okayama Prefecture. My students were handicapped kids, elementary, junior high school and senior...

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