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Published 10 Jul, 2019 | View: 38
Published 4 Jun, 2019 | View: 82
**English belowはじめまして!ミキと申します。今月からカフェトークで教え始めました。今年の5月にアメリカで大学院を卒業し、8月から大学で日本語講師として働き始めます。大学院では英語教授...

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Miki. T Tutor Profile

Hi! I am Miki. 
I currently live in the United States and work as a Japanese instructor. I also have an experience of teaching in a language immersion camp. Also, I have a Master's degree in TESOL from a graduate school in Minnesota, USA. 

I love learning about cultures and languages around the world. Besides English and Japanese, I speak basic Spanish. I have traveled to 13 different countries so far, and my favorite country is Taiwan. I love the food and the people there. Of course, I like the United States where I currently live. There is a variety of cultures in one country, which is amazing!

My biggest hobby is running. I have participated in a lot of races from 5K to a marathon. I have run a marathon three times thus far; I ran the ones in Ishikawa and Nagoya in Japan, and the Twin Cities marathon in the US. If you are a big runner like me, let's talk about running!
I am an energetic and laid-back teacher with experience and knowledge of second language acquisition, which I learned in a graduate school. Also, I am a fluent speaker of English.  
ANY level is welcome! Let's study Japanese together! 

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