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Licensed Teacher Junior High K-12 Education Degree
Bachelor of Arts English Literature
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Hello everyone, I am very excited to introduce myself to you! I am a Canadian English teacher with years of online tutoring experience. I have an English Degree and an Education Degree from the University of Victoria.  

Please watch my video to find out a little more about me. You can also check my new teacher's Facebook page.
My Teaching Specialties

1.                Vocabulary

2.                Pronunciation

3.                Reading

4.                Essay Writing

5.                Shakespeare

6.                Idioms

7.                Movie and Theatre English

8.                Grammar 

My teaching style is relaxed and friendly. I really want my students to be interested in what they are learning.  I always work with my students to determine their personal goals and decide how those goals will be reached.  I design my lessons based on the personal interests and learning needs of my students.  This helps my students to stay engaged and excited about what they are learning. I believe that students should never be afraid to make mistakes. Without mistakes we would never learn any new skill. If you are patient with yourself you can succeed. 

I know I can create a lesson that you will enjoy!

I can record lesson audio and send students the file to review lessons.

                              I believe that   
                 Knowledge+ Fun= Learning

In addition to being an English teacher, I also teach drama and theatre to students in Canada. When I am not teaching I am usually listening to music, watching films, reading or horseback riding. 


Thank you for reading my profile.
I hope to talk to you soon. 

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