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Are you ready to start thinking about your career?

People often think of their "careers" as just their job or the field that they're in, but it is actually the sum total of everything that surrounds you in life, including family, lifestyle, and values. There are some people who are aiming for management positions and keep their nose to the grindstone, while others value work life balance, focusing on both their job and their family. Everyone works best in different ways and in different environments. There is no right or wrong. Each and every person has a career.

Whether you already have specific worries, are generally just anxious about your future, or simply need somebody to talk things over with, please let me help you!

I am a certified and very experienced counselor. Let's put our heads together and think of the best way for you to work. (I have counseled about 1000 clients per year).

【About Me】
After graduating college, I worked at a large scale human resources company doing contract worker operations and business planning work. After that I wanted to test my value outside of the company, so I worked as an executive assistant to the CEO of a large scale manufacturing company. I decided to return to the line of work supporting others in their careers, gained experience as a career consultant and at a university career center, and now I work as a career consultant at places such as universities, vocational schools, job search agencies, and study abroad agencies. 

I also became interested in the messages that we can receive through color, so I studied on my own to be a colorist and earned a colorist certification. After that, I gained practical training at ICB international, and for the last several years I have been training in how to utilize colors in communication and applying it everywhere I can.

General Career Consultations
*I will help you with a wide variety of concerns. For example, how to work at a live event, your future path, advice for people who want to switch to freelancing, etc.

Job Hunting Support
*I will correct your application materials, help you prepare for interviews, and help you figure out your aims and aptitude.                               *I have a ton of experience in the human resources field, so I can offer detailed information about a variety of different fields.                                 
*I am good at giving advice from a hiring manager's point of view.

・I provide support to young adults in universities, vocational schools, and within the Kanto Area. I also work as a job change agent and help university students and working adults through career counseling and as a instructor for job hunting seminars.
・In order cultivate global talent, I also began supporting those going overseas for working holiday or study abroad. I help them develop skills while abroad, and find jobs once they return to Japan.
・Career counseling for those taking job training courses

・Career Consultant Certification Level 2 (National License)
・America's CCE, Inc.'s GCDF- Japan Career Counselor Certification
・Japan Youth Development Association's Educational Coach Certification
・Job Card Registration Consultant License

【Lesson Schedule】
My schedule is irregular and I will update my available time once or twice a month. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, but please check the lesson schedule before making a request. You may be able to request a lesson during times that are not listed. Please let me know if you wish to make a request during an alternate time.

English Translation: 11/19/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

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