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Published 23 Oct, 2019 | View: 368
When I was a child, shops were far away from my home. If we wanted to buy sweets, candies or ice cr...
Published 13 Oct, 2019 | View: 356
Autumn is here!Now is the time to visit Taiwan.Kaohsiung is my adopted hometown, vibrant, historica...

Geoffrey John Rowley Tutor Profile

My name is Geoff and I am from London. I have been teaching English in Asia for 20 years, and offer classes to adults in conversation, grammar, reading, business, travel and Medical English. My profession in Britain was Medical Educator in a major London hospital, so Medical English is my speciality.
My classes offer a professional, accurate and structured system to improve your language ability efficiently. If you have a particular goal for your learning, then we can devise a way to reach that, together!

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