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Hello everyone. I am a kurosawan, a mother of 4 (a 7th grader, a 5th grader, a 3rd grader, and a pre-schooler) as well as a meditation and healing therapy specialist.

What do you think of when you hear the word meditation?

Perhaps you think it’s something that buddhist monks or other spiritual people do, or perhaps you imagine sitting quietly for hours on end, etc. etc. There are a variety of ways to picture meditation.

The meditation sessions I’m offering to everyone here are very simple.
Once you learn the basics, you can easily practice meditation by yourself any time, anywhere. 

Essentially, combining meditation with yoga or healing therapy creates an even deeper, resounding impact. 

You are missing out if you undergo healing therapy or practicing yoga on a regular basis without trying meditation!

I have done meditation sessions and healing work with many clients over the years, and produced fantastic results with clients who had absolutely no experience or knowledge, all through proper meditation.

Let’s work together to get you familiar with the tool of meditation.

I have gotten great feedback from clients who hadn’t had any prior experience with meditation.

Practicing meditation and energy healing can help keep you from overthinking and make living life easier.

I can also help you take care of ancestor-related problems. 

It is said that the effects last for up to 1 month after the lesson.
Although you may not feel the changes right away on the day of the lesson, in many cases, people see a variety of improvements in their everyday lives and feel dramatically more comfortable.

I can help everyone and anyone (including people with small children, for example) so please go ahead and send a request. You can feel much more at peace with yourself and live more comfortably.

Professional Background
6/2007 - Obtained Usui Reiki Practitioner 1st Certification (Reiki Healing)
8/2007 - Obtained Usui Reiki Practitioner 2nd Certification (Reiki Healing)
4/2009 - Oneness Deeksha Giver (Oneness Blessing Energy Instruction)
6/2009 - Organized Chikako Hiraki’s OAC Seminar in Sapporo
8/2009 - Same as above
12/2009 - Same as above
2/2010 - Seminar Staff for Chikako Hiraki’s Bahkti Yoga Seminar in Sapporo
3/2010 - Began teaching my own meditation events and healing seminars
Have been holding meditation events about once per month ever since

* About Reiki Healing *
Reiki healing is a way of utilizing nature and the universe’s energy, and anyone can apply it to their life. I will give you a short course in something called “attunnement,” which will open up the reiki circuits, then you will be able to utilize various grades of reiki energy at your will.

The word reiki originates from the Japanese word for aura, and is one of the forms of energy work that originates from Japan.

In this form of healing work, I will become your pathway to reiki and pass reiki energy onto you. By doing so your worries and ailments will improve. 

* About Oneness Blessing *
Oneness Blessing is a powerful form of healing energy. It is a blessing ritual from ancient India, modified for modern times by South Indian Kalki Bhagavan.

You can expect more of an instant effect compared to reiki healing.
This form of energy work is recommended to those who seek more pragmatic changes. 


I have added performance arts category lessons!

Performance Arts Background
4/1994 - Joined Haiyuza Theater Company’s training center
5/1995 - Debut performance as Angelica in Haiyuza’s production of Miracle in Milan
10/1997 - Flower girl in Komatsuza’s production of Tango Before Flowers
7/1998 - Tomoko Hanaoka in Haiyuza’s production of Kiniro no Yugure
11/1999 - Nursemaid in Komatsuza’s production of the Flower That Blooms in the Darkness

9/2015 - Withdrawal from Haiyuza

Translation: 12/2015 - Cafetalk

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