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EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency Grade 1
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Hello!  I’m Zechariah and live in Niigata prefecture, Japan.


   I'll be happy to help you learn Japanese.


    Since finishing a Japanese Teacher training course, I’ve been teaching Japanese to foreigners in my region. I taught Japanese to the people in Israel when I stayed and studied there.


    My hobby is Kendo (Japanese fencing) and Iaido (Japanese sword skill).  I love Japan and the Japanese culture.


    So far, I’ve been working as an interpreter between Hebrew, English and Japanese and, at the same time, teaching English and Japanese (Modern Japanese, Old Japanese and Classical Chinese) to high school students.  I’ve sent about 200 students of mine into universities.  I love teaching languages.


    We will start with the lessons according to the level of each student. The lessons include the first step of Japanese letters, daily conversations, grammar, free-talking and so on.


     Let’s get started and enjoy learning together!!




To Learners of Hebrew Language


Hebrew, the old and new language, has a long history of more than 3000 years.  It was resurrected in the early 20th century, after long time of being dead language for a daily use. Hebrew is the official language of Israel and has been the mother tongue of millions of people.  Shall we learn this oldest and newest language in the world?   


    I studied as a foreign student in Israel for five years in my youth. At first, I worked in a community called Kibbutz and learned Hebrew for a year. Many Jewish people have immigrated to Israel from all over the world, and they have acquired the language intensively at the classes called “Ulpan”.


I also studied modern Hebrew there with them. I had many opportunities to be exposed to different culture, which was very special experience for me.


 Then, I entered Hebrew University in Jerusalem and studied old Jewish literature and the Bible, on which I took a BA degree. By the way, do you know that Doc. A. Einstein gave the very first lecture at this Hebrew Uni.?


After coming back home, I worked for a publisher, and then started the independent job of my own as an interpreter of Hebrew. On the other hand, I’ve been teaching many students English and Japanese as a private tutor, which has given me a great joy as well as challenges.


    Shall we talk in the old and new language, Hebrew, in Cafetalk?  I’m looking forward to seeing you!






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