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Hello, everyone!

I’m Daijiro Ueno. A 28-year-old Japanese man who’s been teaching Japanese and English for more than 8 years.


•About Myself – Discovering New Cultures

I was born and raised in Japan, surrounded by Japanese traditions, people, and numerous buildings in Tokyo where now it’s the main source of its own, influential pop cultures such as Anime and my beloved Harajuku avant-garde fashion.


-The man on the right reminds me of my friend at my university-

*Copyright belongs to Tokyo Fashion


However, somehow, It seemed like I was born to be fond of European cultures represented by their music, lifestyle, philosophy, and some of their languages such as French, German, and of course, English - telling that I’m hoping you would notice my immersion in the language.


-Taught by european grates-


Secretely holding strong envy to the european cultures, since all of which seemed to have been matured in thousands of years, I naturally started to learn their historical backgrounds. In the middle of the days of my exploring, I coincidentally encountered some British pop music flown out from my father’s car stereo: that was The Beatles, and it certainly determined my life.



-The Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby” stole my heart-


As I’ve been growing up to an adult, I found a feeling in me that I wanted to introduce Japanese cultures to people outside Japan, and share the pleasure of discovering new ideas for our lives, just like what I’ve got in my father’s car.


It would be wonderful if I could share my experiences with you through my lessons. I’m very patient, flexible, and open-minded person who will never leave you alone whenever you have some trouble with your Japanese, and I would always like to try my best to rescue you when you’re stuck in a deep swamp of Japanese language.


-Which kanji would you like to pick up? (I would go with !)-


•Experiences – What I Learned From Students

I’ve experienced teaching Japanese for more than 8 years throughout my career at schools and online.

At schools I’ve mainly taught composing Japanese essays, but also some English and mathematics too. Meanwhile I was also teaching Japanese language to foreign people via Skype or LINE for approximately 3 years. Students’ levels of Japanese were really diverse, and I’ve faced many students struggling with each different problem.

Hence, I’ve naturally acquired how to conduct my lessons, deal with their difficulties, and give them the optimum solution for those. That said, the most important thing I learned with them was to enjoy learning together. Through the lessons I found it was the easiest and shortest way to understand cultures, and all that I’ve been trying to make my lessons enjoyable.


•The Lessons – “Role Play” Method

As for the levels, as I mentioned above, I’m capable of teaching any kind of Japanese expressions including casual, formal, and business (presentation, etc.) ones. On top of that, I could teach you more casual Japanese mostly used among the young on the internet. The only one exception is old Japanese. I’m afraid that I don’t have any knowledge or skill to teach old expressions.


Casual – We’re friends, so, calling each other withさん(San)  is just too awkward, isn’t it? Let’s get rid of formal Japanese and learn casual phrases to be more natural at conversation with your friends!

                What we learn: General casual expressions (words/phrases) in conversation, how to make friends in Japan

Formal – In many situations Japanese people use formal expressions. This has a significant meaning that you should almost always better using them for the first time you talk to someone who you’re supposed to respect. Therefore, I strongly recommend taking this course so that you will never make seniors (Senpai, etc.) uncomfortable.

                What we learn: General formal expressions (words/phrases) in conversation, Japanese manners

Business – If your Japanese skill is already enough to survive and enjoy your life in Japan, the next step might be challenging business expressions especially if you are going to work at an office in Japan.

What we learn: Interview with Japanese companies, composing business emails, make a phone call, business manners in Japan


The lessons are basically conducted by applying “Role Playmethod, where both of us act each different roles in various situations we’re most likely to experience in a day. However, I’d rather like to listen to your opinions to arrange my lessons, adjust them to fit with you, and always make the next lesson more comfortable than the previous one.


Example of a lesson (50 minutes)

Free conversation (5 minutes)

Review of the previous lesson (10 minutes)

Set a theme for the lesson with at least one sub-theme

Role Play (35minutes)

1.       According to the theme, each of us plays each different role.

2.       After finishing one scene, we will have a discussion. I would give you some advice here.

3.       Repeat 1-2 again.

4.       Go to the next scene (finishing one scene takes approxinately 15 minutes)

Discuss about the theme for the next lesson


*This is just an example. I would like to arrange your lessons flexibly, so let’s discuss about the plans at the trial lesson (free)!


Take a trial lesson and I hope we can learn Japanese together!


*****Below I’d like to provide more information about myself. It’s not directly related to the lessons, so If you would be interested in, please check it and I hope it makes your thoughts about me and my lessons more certain.


Education and my past career

I graduated from my university with a master’s degree in telecommunications, then went for Ph.D. course, but at the halfway through finishing the degree, I decided to be an English-Japanese (and vice versa) translator at an office in Tokyo just because I was not that eager anymore to dig into my major.

-2 pictures from my university (you can refer to my papers by googling my name)-


What I do now

I live in a small town called Hyvinkää in Finland, enjoying nature and composing English poems. I’m planning to go back home in a few years, but until then I’d like to have some enjoyable time with you through the lessons.


My Interests


Classical music, Rock/Pop music mostly from UK and the U.S., playing the guitar and the piano (used to), and composing songs.


I used to compose Japanese poems, but these days I’m steering my handle towards English stuff. I also used to be into writing essays about everything I’d experienced, but I think now I lost my passion to it.


Huge fan of Hollywood (and a few from other countries) movies. Kubrick, Kurosawa, and Scorsese are my favorite directors.


I definitely love to travel. I think I’ve been to every prefecture in Japan.


Car/Motorcycle, Aquarium

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