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Hello everone! My name is Joel. I have been teaching English for 10 years now.

Highlights of my teaching experience include:

(Levels: College / Company Employees)
- Taught TOEIC/TOEFL preparatory courses and gave mock exams 
- Taught business English correspondence (handling telephone calls, composing emails / memos / business letters / resume), personality development) and daily conversation (at the airport / hotel / restaurant, etc.)
(Levels: Junior High School / Senior High School)
- Taught English vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. Used audio CDs, Internet, print media (newspaper, magazines, blogs, etc.), and other educational resources (TV, movies, music)
(Levels: Baby / Toddler / Elementary)
- Taught basic English vocabulary, phonics, and phrases. Used songs, total physical response (TPR), and fun activities
- Participated in various school events: book reading, picnics, cooking, summer camps, sports festival, Halloween parties, and Christmas programs

Learning English is always fun. I make my lessons interactive and easy to learn. I can help you improve your English language skills. Let's go and have fun together!

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Business English: Telephone

40min 1,700P

Skype Lesson

Telephone Skills

Phrasal Verbs Intro

40min 1,700P

Skype Lesson

What are phrasal verbs? How to use them in conversation.

Reading Practice

40min 1,700P

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Reading a book, a magazine, or any printed media.

English Homework Check

40min 1,700P

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Editing and proofreading English homework

Free Talk

40min 1,700P

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Basic Q & A

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Joel A

Joel A

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