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Hello Learners! I speak English and French fluently.
Lessons really depend on learner's levels.
However, it should be like this:
✔️ Warm-up: I give students mini tests to check their level and based on the result, we can draw up the method together.
✔️Pronunciation: Next, I help students improve their pronunciation through phonetic exercises. I would like to introduce to them the IPA stands for International Phonetic Alphabets, showing them how every single sound in English is pronounced and practice with them
✔️Vocabulary: I think the best way to build up the vocabulary is through reading the newspaper and watching videos. I give the students some articles to read and translate them into Vietnamese. I explain the meaning and usage of the words so students can understand them better.
✔️Conversation: First, we can read some conversation samples and then re-read the sample ones. Then, I give students situations, we play roles and do our real conversation
✔️Assessment and advice
I would like to help Beginner learners build confidence and to break through their shyness. Pre-Intermediate learners are in the state of transition having acquired the basics of the language, I'll practice with the language already learned, repeating activities to build fluency. Intermediate and Advanced learners have varying knowledge of the English language, I'll turn the lesson into conversations about day-to-day life in addition to the expected grammar and vocabulary. 
I would be very happy to share my experience and hopefully, it can help you to improve your English and French.

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