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I earned my Bachelor's degree in Otsuma Women's University, Tokyo.
Two years after working in a hospital as a licensed clinical dietitian, followed my heart to learn English in Canada. Originally it planned to be for a year but ended up staying and eventually immigarated in 2009.

Nearly 6 years later, As being comfident and feeling comfortable speaking English, wanted to build my career and found myself still being passionate about food and nutrition. 
Decided to go back to college and have been receiving various certifications and diplomas. Now happily working as an Orthomolecular (holistic) Health Practitioner to help people overcome their health challenges.
My goals for my lessons are:
To educate you about the body.
To prevent your health from going downhill.
To inspire you for your health and life.

I am a very curious being! Please feel free to suggest what you know about health!

!My interestes!
Documentary, History!!!, Biography 

Negativities, Superficiality, Unhealthy relationships 

Greens, Ocean, Walking, Stars (in the sky), Cooking, Laughing, Being spontaneous, knowledge!!

Countries traveled:
UK (London, Cambridge), Netherland (Amsterdam), Portugal (Porto), Italy (Milan, Rome, Florence), France (Paris, Lyon), Mexico, USA

Countries (Cities) want to go:
Ireland, Germany, Belize, North Carolina 


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Are you interested in cleansing your body? Haven't done any detox pro...


30min 3,800P

Skype Lesson

ものすごく緊張した時、お腹が痛くなったことはありませんか? 悲しい時食べ物がノドを通らなかった経験をした方も少なくないと思います。 ...


喘息やアトピー、薬に頼るしかないと思っていませんか? 薬は一時的な症状を抑えてくれるかもしれませんが、体にもともと備わってりいる治癒力を...

簡単に習得できで、毎日行える腹部のマッサージ(アーヴィゴ式)を教えます。 Add abdominal self-care massage...

Don't know which supplement to choose for your goal? I will help you!...

English through Spirituality

30min 1,700P

Skype Lesson

Are you spiritual? Do you believe in your potential? Learning spiritu...

English through Cooking

30min 1,700P

Skype Lesson

Do you like cooking? Do you like to learn English? Let's do BOTH!!


30min 2,000P

Skype Lesson


A Virtual Womb Blessing

30min 2,000P

Skype Lesson

Womb blessing (Energy healing) to enhance the Divine Feminine within.

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