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Q: I heard you have lived in Hokkaido, Japan. How was life there?



Hello! I'm from Calgary Canada, but now live in Montreal with my husband. When I'm not out enjoying the vibrant culture of this city, you can find me at home working on my first novel! 

Teaching and Tutoring Experience:

I lived in Sapporo, Japan, for 2 years where I taught English in a kindergarten. When I returned to Canada, I became a volunteer with a local refugee aid society, and I tutored women who had recently arrived in Canada. I helped them with their English homework, but my primary role was in helping them to practice English in daily life, and spending time with them socially to help them learn about, and feel comfortable, in Canadian culture. 

Tutoring Style:

I am a calm and patient person, and I work to create feelings of comfort, relaxation, and playfulness.  

My lessons would be suitable for you if you are a self-motivated and enthusiastic student of English! I can help you polish your English skills by providing a warm and welcoming space for you to practice what you have learned in your textbook or classroom studies. 

You can practice your daily life conversation skills with me, in casual conversations. We would talk about things like:

-What you did last weekend.

-How work is going.

-What you plan to do this weekend.

-World current events. 

You can also practice describing photos with me. Sometimes you might feel tired, and talking about photos can be less stressful than trying to have a conversation. Another reason to talk about photos, is that it's fun, so it's a good way to get to know each other!

**Most of my students are self-directed learners, like me. They use textbooks and youtube videos and radio podcasts to practice English daily. Then they have a lesson with me so they can practice the things they have been studying. 

I can provide a warm and welcoming space for you to practice. I type what you say in the chatbox, and provide corrections. I answer questions about grammar and vocabulary, and I give suggestions about grammar to review, pronunciation to work on, videos to watch, and articles to read. 

I would be happy to help you practice English for travel, work, or just for the pleasure of learning! We will have conversations based on your interests, and I can offer my knowledge and experiences of Western Canada, Montreal, Iceland, Mexico, the United States, France, and Southeast Asia. 

My hobbies and interests: 

I love music of all genres! My favorite band is from Montreal. They're called 'Arcade Fire'. I also listen to Japanese music, for example, Yumi Kurosawa, and Yosi Horikawa

I love cats, but I don't have any. I love travelling, hiking, dancing, dinner parties, and reading fiction and non-fiction books and internet articles. I am working on a science fiction/fantasy novel for young adults, and I spend a lot of time writing, editing, and doing research. 

I also study Japanese. I took the JLPT N5 (basic Japanese) exam in December of 2015. I am waiting to get my results back in March! 

How I study Japanese:

I study with a textbook called Minna No Nihongo II. Once per week I meet with my teacher on Skype, so I can practice the grammar I studied in the textbook. We also practice some daily life conversation.

I write descriptions of photos in Japanese. I send it to my teacher and she corrects it for me. 

I watch Japanese tv shows on Netflix and youtube. I watch them over and over again, to practice listening. I try to 'shadow' the dialogue.

I use Memrise.com, to help me memorize vocabulary.

When I finish Minna No Nihongo II, I plan to stop using textbooks to study, and to start focusing on natural speaking and listening skills. 

Do you have some language learning tips you'd like to share with me? I'd be happy to talk about learning methods!

Other Qualifications: 

I have 2 Bachelor of Arts degrees in International Relations and Political Science from the University of Calgary(2005). We can discuss world events, politics, philosophy, and history, in a relaxed way. We can use any news websites you prefer, and I can make suggestions about websites as well. 

I completed Landmark Education's Curriculum for Living in 2012, and I am a dedicated student of Non-Violent Communication, as well as educational methods. I would be happy to talk with you about learning and communication strategies! 

If you are interested in learning English with me, I suggest you choose "Lesson 1: Getting to Know You" as your first lesson, so we can get to know each other, and talk about your learning style, level, and goals. I will send you a coupon for 25% off your next lesson, when we have completed 'Lesson 1'.

Thanks for reading my profile! If you have any questions, please send me a message!

Best wishes,


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