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My name is Miki Takeda and I am a Mind&Body counselor. 

I am originally from Nagoya and now I live in Okinawa. I am active as a Mind&Body counselor both in Nagoya and in Okinawa. As a psychological and Mind&Body counselor, I offer one on one sessions, medical treatments, and teach various courses 

These are courses that I teach in Okinawa (as well as Nagoya, where I return several times a year):
・Mind&Body healing techniques
・kinesiology for stress care
・Mind&Body psychology
・The “My Heart” Academy (self care and support)
・as well as several types of certified kinesiology courses
I’m honored to say that hundreds of clients have attended my courses. 

Although there are many things that can cause us to worry or leave our minds and bodies in less than perfect condition, I believe that one thing we should never forget is how to increase our resistance to stress. This includes things like discovering prevention methods and releasing our pent up feelings. 

During my web courses, I go over the make up and causes of stress and worry. I hope that this course will help you find a stress management method that you can apply to your life. 
My “Discover Yourself -  a web course brought to you by Mind&Body Counselor Miki Takeda” is a combination of web course and Mind&Body counseling.

My Path to Becoming a Psychological/Mind&Body Counselor

I myself have battled an inner conflict and a sense of emptiness. Even though I could psychologically analyze myself, I didn’t know how to properly cope. Just like that, I became an adult while still hanging on to that inner conflict and sense of emptiness, which brought about a deep sense of frustration. I totally burned out. 

Back in those days, psychosomatic medicine wasn’t as well known as it is now, so I didn’t have the option of seeing a doctor. I had to rely on self repair and self resilience. At the time, I didn’t realize how important it was to rest, so I worked and worked continuously and it took me an incredibly long time to recover.

That’s why I believe that finding a coping method is much more important than theory and reason. It also helped me come to the keen realization that it’s very important to take care of your stress before you burn out. 

Although I was already studying psychology on my own, I decided to start studying coaching as well. While I was learning that, I was also admitted back into college to study psychology again. I also became an NLP practitioner, then finally found a mind&body psychotherapy method called kinesiology. After that, I focused more on learning methods that had a more holistic mind&body approach, and discovered that the mind&body approach is about healing yourself from the inner depths of your being.

Rather than just listening carefully, rather than just doing image work, it's important to work on both your body and mind. It's something I feel the positive effects of every day.

 ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

What is causing negative effects on your mind and body’s condition?

Those headaches that you’ve been getting, or your lower back pain, stiff shoulders, stiff neck, irritated skin, overeating, irregular period, or lack of sleep could be your body’s way of sending an SOS signal. The “Mind&Body Counselor Miki Takeda” brand incorporates kinesiology theory, eastern medicine, and psychotherapy, striking a balance between the conscious and the subconscious while taking a look at the thoughts and feelings that affect your mind and body. These lessons will help you discover yourself. 

It’s okay if you have a hard time putting things into words

I have a assignment prepared for each session. We will go over what you think and how you feel about the contents. If there’s something that’s been confusing or irritating you, please tell me why you find those things strange, or what specifically about them has been bothering you. Since when have they been bothering you? Talking about your feelings and whatever else is bottled up inside will help you understand yourself, your body, and your feelings, which is the first step. When you can’t point out a specific stressor that may be negatively affecting your body, finding your unhelpful thinking habits and making improvements will help us find a way to make things better. 

Recovering is more important than working hard 

Depression and deep states of worry can take away your willpower and eventually your ability to work hard. You will lose the spring your body used to have and start feeling heavy. When your body becomes damaged, you will start feeling oversensitive, and you might even start feeling a numbness that protects you from having to feel anything. You may get misunderstood for skipping out on things or being overly sensitive, which makes you feel even more lonely. 

But even so, people often don’t realize just how much damage they’ve undergone and they can’t hear their body (or mind) telling them that they need to take a break. Please tell me all about the feelings that you have when things aren’t going quite right and you don't feel quite like yourself. 

During my lessons that help you discover yourself, we will find the causes of your stress and find ways to handle it using your body and image work (please note that we will not necessarily be doing this during each session). 

If we are doing a personal session during the lesson, I will use web images and more to help you find a way to approach your worries, pain, and stress starting with your body. 

 ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Homepage: http://kinesiology.wp-x.jp/ 

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