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My name is James from the United States. I am a teacher of American Business English. 

I have been teaching English to businesspeople and professionals from all over the World for the last fourteen years. I am certified to teach English and I hold a Masters of Science degree.

I also have years of experience in business, sales management, IT and career coaching. I try to bring my experience into our classes so your Business English improves faster and is useful for you in your career.

My classes are focused on you using your English, and in a way that will be powerful and persuasive with others. Learning another language should also be to help make our lives better, which is something which is often forgotten by schools and students.

I know what it is like to learn another language. I have worked hard to learn five foreign languages (to a lower intermediate level or above) while having livied in thirteen different countries around the World.  

I look for motivated students that want to be able to use their Business English as a tool to achieve success in their careers and lives.

Travel, history, and going to the gym are a few things that I like to do in my free time.

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