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English Teaching Background:

Are you looking for a teacher that can virtually guarantee your success with your English language skills? I can help with:

  • Business English

  • Advanced Business English

  • Information Technology English

  • English for Manufacturing Professionals

  • Pronunciation

  • Speaking Skills

  • Give you the confidence needed to improve other aspects of your English

I am a teacher that has proven to help English learners like you learn faster and easier than ever before. My classes are interesting and extremely helpful at the same time. I am a highly professional English teacher with a background in IT, programming, manufacturing and various levels of management. My expertise in teaching is my ability to easily pick up on the errors that a student is making no matter what level they are at. With over five years of experience combined with a real world background.

With me, you will receive the attention and focus needed for your success. This is done through proven methods that we will use together to ensure your success. By having the proper background combined with my extra effort, you will achieve your goals. Do not make the mistake of working with low-quality teachers. Most teachers work online to make extra pocket change. That, or they do not have a real world background for the subjects they teach. Many other teachers end their help with you when they end your one on one sessions. They do not put in the extra effort you need and are ready to move on to the next student.

I have a high-level command of the English language and have been working with resources in Asia for many years including operating my own company, other companies, and several partnerships. Given this background, I fully understand the needs of others who speak English as a second language since many people I deal with do not speak English as their primary language. Given my background in computer programming, the internet, manufacturing, sales, and operations, I am also highly capable of teaching those subjects and working on projects where my background can be utilized to its fullest.

My background working with Japanese spans over 15 years working with Hitachi, IBM Japan, Mizuho, and Sony Ericsson. This was on a professional level with work on large scale manufacturing projects aimed at quality control and increased productivity. I have also worked with many Japanese students with many different backgrounds.  

What Does Not Work When Learning English:

Heavy focus on memorizing individual words. Standard focus on grammar. Grammar is important, but it should be part of the lesson and not the main focus of the lesson.

What Does Work When Learning English:

A focus on practicing through conversation. As the conversation progresses the student receives quick and easy to understand feedback. What also works is learning phrases and groups of words that relate to the needs of the student.

What Can You Expect With My Lessons:

The first thing is we will work on topics that are interesting to you. The lessons are customized and specialized to meet the wants and needs you request. Given my background, I will suggest certain topics and ideas that you might not have thought of. That is where my background in Business, Information Technology, and Manufacturing help you. After the lesson, you will receive links to where you can gain more knowledge, notes on areas for improvement and a private, personalized document that is used to track your progress. This keeps you busy and lets you easily know what to work on and what to expect in the next class.

In my lessons, you will learn the best methods for communicating in English with native speakers and non-native English speakers. It is important that you emphasize on how to properly communicate with those who are not native speakers. Why? Simple, most people you will communicate with are like you, where English is their second language. Most teachers focus too much on communication with native speakers only. With my lessons, you will better understand how to effectively communicate with virtually anyone in English, no matter what their level.

General Background:

I have been living overseas for over fifteen years in Japan, Singapore, China and the Philippines. I have also worked in many other countries in Asia such as Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia. Much of my time has also been spent in various parts of Europe for business and pleasure. This has given me a broad view of the various cultures along with the ability to naturally understand speakers whose native language is not English. I have also owned a few small businesses both physical and online. One of my businesses was focused on outsourcing for a music website that included support, manual web testing, SEO(low level) and social media. Another business that I had was focused on online education where we provided lessons for an online school along with teachers that focused on younger students and adults in China. I also built a learning management system with courses and lessons for students with certificates upon successful completion of the courses.

Prior to that, I was working in manufacturing software focused on the low-level data acquisition from both shop floor workers and machine input. The software communicated to Enterprise Resource Management(ERP), Quality Management Systems(QMS) and other systems. For the first company, I furthered my skills by working in a variety of roles such as sales engineer, sales manager, and finishing at the role of Director of Asia. For the second company, I opened an office China to establish their presence in the region and had control over the budget, personnel, and sales in the operation.

I have worked with a few smaller companies dealing with web based technologies including my own web design company back in the infancy of the internet. They were all typically small jobs and I continue to do some freelance work with companies building a presence on the internet.

This background combined with my English teaching capabilities makes me a good teacher for those who need professional English lessons from someone with real experience.

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