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My name is Yessica Gray and I am 21 years old. I was born in New York and lived there for 9 years until moving to georgia and then finally moving  to wisconsin. I am of hispanic descent.

Even though I have no formal credentials in teaching English, I was able to teach a high school peer all throughout high school since she had moved from Colombia and knew very little English. Those small lesons that I gave her everyday were truly a joy!

My teacing style would be relaxed and casual. I would not be overly strict because I know that learning a new language can be very intimidating. So, my teaching would be laid back and I would give gentle correction and explain where you went wrong in a way that would be beneficial to you.

Teaching English to my high school classmate and learning french myself for 3 years really showed me that learning a new language can be a scary experience. Having this personal experience, I can assure you that I would take my lessons as slow as needed and adjust them to an individual level. Also, both of my parents do not speak English well, so over the years, I've had to teach them how to speak in different enviornments, while doing so in a patient and loving way

My lesson plans would generally include grammar lessons, proper pronounciation, and conversational English. The materials that you would have the option to choose from would be a physical whiteboard and microsoft or pdf documents that would summarize what we have learned throughout the lesson

Thank you for reading my profile and I do hope that you give me a chance to teach you English at your own pace!
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