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Be Typhoon Hagibis Prepared

Пятница, 11 Октябрь 2019 r. 19:09

To all my cafetalk students and colleagues in Japan, 

I am sorry to hear about Typhoon Hagibis. Even though we cannot stop Typhoons, we can still prepare for them. Even though advance warning is given of approaching typhoons,  many tend to ignore or treat lightly the seriousness of the warning.

What can you do?

Listen to the warnings.
Learn the public storm(typhoon) signals.
Take safety measures.
Pay attention to weather bulletins on the radio, television
 or newspaper.
Secure your home.
If warned to evacuate a dangerous area, do so without delay.
If you feel justified in staying in your home, be sure to take account of all your needs. Remember, power may be cut off temporarily. Water supply may be halted or contaminated. Thus you will want to have foods that require little or no cooking, and you will definitely need to have a store of good drinkable water. Other emergency equipment should be checked to make sure you know where it is and that it is in usable order.

Please make sure to pack a bag with important things that you need. It is called a "Go bag". If you have to leave home during the Typhoon, you grab your "Go bag" and go to a safe place. 

Here is a link of what to put in your "Go bag":

Do you wonder why natural disasters are happening more lately?
Please take my free conversation lesson to find out more.

Also if the Typhoon is really bad and you and your family are separated and you had to be rescued by an English speaker, would you be able to tell them about your family? Would you be able to describe a family photo or your home?
Take my describing pictures lesson or free conversation lesson and learn what you can say in English to your English speaking rescuer.

Please prepare and be safe.

Cafetalk Tutor Rosanna


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