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Найти преподавателей : 1,321

Yoko's Tutor Profile Yoko Из:   В: Teaching 177 | 19 | 40
Aoi.K's Tutor Profile Aoi.K Из:   В: Teaching 1,124 | 102 | 190
Kim K Watkinson's Tutor Profile Kim K Watkinson Из:   В: Teaching 196 | 78 | 28
Rhys (リース)'s Tutor Profile Rhys (リース) Из:   В: Teaching 10,826 | 859 | 2,009

Отзывы студентов : 103,462

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Curious what teaching on Cafetalk actually looks like? Check out these interviews with experienced and successful Tutors from Cafetalk. All of them have gone out of their way to share their secrets and provide insight into their online teaching careers!

Dani L. interview page

"If you have too many choices, people get confused. For me it was a gradual process of realising which lessons are really hitting home with people"

Rhys interview page

"Focus on things that will make students come back over and over and over, not something that’s a one-off.Not something that you can take one or two times and then it’s over"

Dahee interview page

"For online tutoring, you can be a specialist or someone who just does it as a hobby. You can teach what's within the scope of your abilities while making friends from other countries along the way."

Jenny F. interview page

"Jenny F. teaches Japanese children from all ages. Her youngest student is just 1 ½ years old! In this interview, she shares some of her secrets on making her lessons fun and learning English natural for kids."

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