Hazel Taylor 講師的通知

You have a new coupon! - HOT ホット HOT


Hello everyone!

I've created a HOT new coupon for everyone! Let's enjoy talking about anything, from the Olympics to the hot hot summer.

Original price --> 1,000yen
25% off! --> 750yen!
Stay safe and have a lovely summer!

I look forward to talking with you soon.

Best wishes,
Coupon Name: HOT ホット HOT
Code: 7754a575
Discount Rate: 25%
For Lesson: Casual Conversation
Effective for lessons conducted between: Jul 24, 2021 ~ Aug 1, 2021
URL: http://cafetalk.com/coupons/detail/?id=2930901&lang=en
(GMT+09:00 Tokyo)