Cafetalk Benefits & Perks

ベネフィットパーク Benefit park Cafetalk for tutors

Freelance tutor? No worries! Earn enough points on Cafetalk
and get access to a wide range of benefits & perks!

We’d like to add some spice to your life to help you excel at what you do.

If you work freelance you know how you tend to lack the benefits and perks enjoyed by employees of larger companies.
But now we’re making them available to Cafetalk tutors as well. Leisure, Gourmet and Health service, you can get discounted rate on over 3 million restaurants and facilities.

Services for Japan residents

For the moment, our offer is limited to residents of Japan but we plan to expand this offer for other countries in the future.


Health care

Health checkup or other health support


Gourmet, Restaurants

Receive discount at restaurants



Discounted rate for Movies, Tickets, Karaoke and etc.


Receive discounts for parties at bars or hotel restaurant buffets from this gourmet coupon website


Child care and nursing care services

Support your family with variety of menus and discount


Receive discount for traveling

Receive discount rate for domestic and international hotel and the packaged tour.



Receive best price for the most wanted items


Sport fitness

Entourage to stay fit with the menu for Fitness club, Tennis, Footsal



Convenient service for everyday use



The keywords are healing & beaut. Polish yourself inside out.

Cafetalk tutors Benefit park


Tutors who earns over 3,000 sales points for 3 consecutive months can receive this service for 3 months when you apply.

How to apply:

Tutors who have over 3,000 sales points for 3 consecutive months can apply and receive 3 months service free of charge, and can renew again for another 3 months whenever eligible and apply.

For examples...

Example) If your sales points exceeds over 3,000 points for 3 consecutive month from April 2013 to June 2013, apply between July 1st to July 10th to receive benefit from August 1st to October 31st.

  • ● Please apply between the 1st of the month to 10th of the month.
  • ● As long as your sales points remains over 3,000 points every month you will continue to receive benefit without reapplying.
  • ● Please note that the points applied can be changed without prior notification.

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