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This tutor is currently on leave.
I have several years of experience teaching English in Japan to students of all ages, including high school and college students, businessmen, corporate executives, and companies. I really enjoyed my time living and working in Japan and the relationships and unique experiences I was able to acquire.
I am a former Berlitz Language Center teacher and have experience teaching English to clients from Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho, Nomura, Daiwa Securities, Chanel, Suntory, and a tech company in Shibuya among many others.
I have both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree from Ivy League universities and have particular expertise in teaching business English.
I'm looking forward to teaching English to you. I focus on teaching both business and conversational English in my courses. I utilize a variety of techniques, for example discussion relating to specific topics, articles, news, or textbooks.
I am also open to customizing the lessons based on student's needs as I have a lot of experience in developing customized lesson plans, materials, and guidance.

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