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Tantissime notizie e curiosità del mondo dai nostri tutor di Cafetalk!
こんにちは!しあわせになるためのメッセージを受け取る タロット・オラクルカードリーディングをしているyuukiです。今年も残りわずかとなってきましたが、今年中に終わらせたいことや新しい年を迎える準備...
こんにちは! ヨガ講師のyuukiです。今回は私の、「ヨガをやっててよかった!」と思うこと[PART③]をご紹介させていただきます。  前回のコラムでもご紹介したように、私がヨガを本格...
2019年も残り2ヶ月弱となり、お仕事やおうちのことなどで毎日が少しずつバタバタとしてくる季節ですね。 そんな多忙な日々を過ごしていると、ご自分でも気がつかないうちに疲れがたまっていたり、ストレス...

Profilo di yuuki-umineco

Hello! I am yuuki, a yoga tutor. Nice to meet you.
Why don't you take care of your mind and body with yoga and become your ideal self?
Let's use your whole body through yoga to improve your basal metabolism and make your metabolism fast!
Making poses that strengthen the target parts of your body will help you partly tighten up your body. By using your body well, you will become more confident, and your mind will become brighter and more positive. Let's always have a great smile on your face!
Even if you're new to yoga or haven't exercised in a while, it's okay! We will learn from the basics and start yoga by relaxing the body with fun.
As you continue, you'll find that you can make a lot of different yoga poses!
Let's take care of your precious "you", the only one in the world, by firmly facing and getting close to your mind and body through yoga!
〈Recommended for...〉
・People who want to tighten up their whole body.
・People who want to make their metabolism faster.
・People who want to focus on their waist, thighs, and other body parts that they care about.
・People who want to try out what yoga is like.
・People who haven't exercised for a while, but want to work out little by little.
・People who want to improve my mind and body through yoga.
The lessons are tailored to each individual's wishes as much as possible to help them achieve their goals and objectives.
Please feel free to ask me any questions or consult with me!
Completion Program
・US Yoga Alliance RYT200
・The Yoga Anatomy
・Aroma Test Level 1
・Japan Association of Reiki Therapists - Reiki Teacher Training Course
◼️Spiritual・Card Reading ◼️
Would you like to receive a message from the universe through a spiritual card reading?
・I want to start something new.
・I would like some advice about my partner.
・I want to clear my mind of all my worries.

Even when your mind is lost, the answer is within you.
Let's receive a message from the universe with a spiritual card reading.
I'm here to help you explore the light and your wishes within you!
We will use tarot cards and oracle cards in our lessons.
Among several types of cards, I will use the card which matches you the best, depending on your concerns and situation.
Please feel free to ask me any questions.
May your daily life be bright and full of love!


〈Change/Cancellation Policy〉
 When you cancel the lesson at least 24 hours before the start time of the lesson→Free of charge
When you cancel the lesson within 24 hours of the start time of the lesson→Full price of the lesson

【 Cafetalk Translation / May 2020 】
Please note that this profile has been translated by Cafetalk for easier understanding.

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