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Hello there,

I'm Ryo, an experienced live and session guitarist and composer from Japan. Having formally been trained as a guitarist as well as a composer at YAMAHA, a Music college in Japan and BIMM (Former Tech Music Schools in London UK), I have been dipping into a range of music from Rock, Pops, Blues, Funk, Jazz to Classical music, also Joining a lot of different styles of bands and projects over Britain,Canada, Australia and final stop here in Berlin Germany.

Also I have been working as a guitar tutor and an examiner at a number of schools in a lot of countries. So if anyone considers taking up the guitar exams such as RGT(Registry Of Guitar Tutors), I can back you up. Also DTM(Logic / Garageband) classes would be available for those who were interested in composing your own compositions on it ♬

Also I offer you English Lessons to a range of people from complete beginners to advanced.

・Free Talk (Conversation- Based)
・Preparation for English Exams(IELTS, TOEIC etc)
・Travel English(Shopping, Restaurant, Airport, Sightseeing etc)

how to talk to someone in English in a heap of efficient and practical ways by refining your grammars, words, vocabularies and proper pronunciation if necessary. So let's break it down piece by piece. Then eventually you are going to become self-sufficient as an English speaker. Lessons are always for students. So it is not brain surgery. It is going to be heaps of fun. Let's move up to next level!! Look forward to working with you soon (^^)/



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