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Nice to meet you! I'm Sae. 

My friends call me Sae and my coworkers call me Sudo-san.

I live in Osaka and my job is drawing architectural blueprints.

I love traveling overseas! I have been to 10 countries, mostly in Asia and nearby islands.

Communicating with people in foreign countries is really fun! (No matter where I go I speak Japanese and for some reason people always understand me! lol)

Why I am teaching Japanese

One day a friend of mine told me, "You know the language very well (your vocabulary is good) so you should become a Japanese teacher!" After that, I started volunteering. It was so much fun that I wanted to get serious about learning how to teach Japanese. I went to a vocational school and got my teaching certification, then taught at a Japanese language school for 2 years. I also worked at a corporation.

I become more interested in teaching one on one lessons than group classes, so now I teach online lessons. It is very fun because my online students are of all sorts of different nationalities and ages and they all have different goals. The internet is amazing!!! 

Lesson policy

Japanese is a communication tool. It is not a difficult subject. I think the most important thing is to use it ("output"). It's also important to have fun and get effective advice. That's why I create lesson plans for each student's level and goals.

To tell you the truth...

I started learning English online too! I am also a student on Cafetalk. My English is "mada mada desu". Sometimes I get upset because I can't understand simple questions.
In spite of that, learning a foreign language is so much fun! I hope that one day I can get good enough at English to be able to teach Japanese in it. 

My favorite things

1. Cats!! (=^・^=) I have a pet cat.

2. Ramen- I could eat it everyday.

3. Foreign Dramas- But recently I've been so busy I can't watch them...

Thank you for reading my profile!
I can't wait to see you during the lessons.

You will be able to request my lesson only when you find my name as “Online Tutors” displayed on the top-right of your account during the nighttime.
I’m looking forward to receiving a lesson request from you while I’m online!

English Translation: 12/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 


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