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Tantissime notizie e curiosità del mondo dai nostri tutor di Cafetalk!
Published 7 Jan, 2020 | View: 137
Let me tell you a real life story of what motivates me to do what I am doing (ESL Instructor) ...

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This is Srivi! I am a trained Berlitz ESL instructor(Singapore). I have had the opportunity to work with Japense, Korean, Chinese and other non-native English speaking nationalities. As much as it has been a teaching experience it has also been a truly learning experience for me to understand the students culture, and orientation towards English language.
I do not believe in the old school text book method , as it isn’t really engaging. My classes are typically planned in engaging the students with role plays, video lessons, audio classes, reading…etc.
Having done my Masters in Business Administration with specialization in Human Resources I train and coach business professionals , homemakers and young students to hone and improve their communication skills. I have conducted trainings in the following areas- English language for business communication and soft skills in Social Situations, Meetings and Presentations. I have also had the opportunity to train children.
All these programs are customized to suit the student needs and there is no pressure with the time or speed. It is completely a student led training session. What I love the most in my job is the cultural exchange between my students and I and I have a better understanding of why they think in a certain way.

Let me tell you a real life story- I had a Japanese student-Ken. He was shy and was not very confident and comfortable about speaking the language. After interacting with him for a few sessions he was a lot more confident. One day he came up to me and thanked me personally on a real life achievement. Well, he was able to speak to a stranger- the receptionist at his doctor's office, and he was able to book an appointment without any help. These real life success stories motivates me and I feel these success stories encourage and motivate students like Ken. If you see yourself as Ken , lets work together and speak English.
Another story I would like to share is that of Sunny. She was a marketing head for a leading cosmetics brand and she had a big presentation in New York. We worked together on her presentation and body language and how to handle Question and Answers in a formal business situation. When she came back, she mentioned that all the practice we did made her feel confident and that she did not have any apprehension while speaking to her English speaking colleagues.

I am also available for a free demo session so that we could set expectations right.I look forward to interacting with you and engaging in meaningful lessons !

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