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Tutor’s Columns

Tantissime notizie e curiosità del mondo dai nostri tutor di Cafetalk!
Published 12 Oct, 2019 | View: 47
教室は、いろいろな形があって、おもしろいですね。 みなさん、一緒に頑張りましょう!!
学校の日本語学科(がっか)でも今学期(こんがっき)が始まりました。学生の国籍(こくせき)も様々です。担当(たんとう)するクラスは初級(しょきゅう) 初中級(しょちゅうきゅう) 中級(ちゅうきゅう) ...
Published 12 Nov, 2018 | View: 381
どうしてお寿司は世界で人気があるの?世界中で人気のある生徒さんに、「日本食で一番好きな物はなんですか。」と聞くと 大体の生徒さんが「お寿司」と言います。日本語の勉強を始めると最初の段階で、「寿司」...

Profilo di KOHJI

To Japanese learners:
Nice to meet you, I’m KOHJI.
After I started to become interested in foreign countries, I spent 3 years learning Chinese at a language school in Japan, then studied abroad Harbin Normal University. I lived in China for 4 months, and passed level 6 (intermediate) of the former HSK test. When I first started studying Chinese, I couldn’t understand anything. Nobody could even understand me when I tried to say simple words like “I am Japanese,” but somehow I managed to get by with gestures.

Up until I have been working at a trading company (finding suppliers, business trips to China, simultaneous interpreting for customers, handling imports from China, etc.) I think that my experience living, studying, and working in China can definitely be helpful during the lessons. 

I have experience teaching Japanese language classes for children and adults. I have also passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test (passing rate: 20%) so I am knowledgeable about teaching techniques.

I think that having fun learning is the secret to continuing, so I want to put a lot of care into that area. I hate studying, but even I managed to keep going for a long time thanks to my fun teachers. Now it’s my turn to make the lessons fun for you!

To Chinese Learners:
Everyone has their different reasons for studying foreign languages. What are yours? By learning a foreign language, not only will you learn the words of that country, but also its customs and way of thinking. 

Speak to locals in a foreign country in their native language. By doing that, you will learn about their culture and way of thinking. You can use that knowledge at work, to volunteer, to start a business, or to travel. Your world and your possibilities will broaden.

Instead of just having conversations about travel, shopping, visits, and meals, we will also discuss how to interact well with Chinese people based on my own experiences.

I didn’t understand anything when I first started, but now I am doing trade with China. Even if your intentions are different, the goal is the same: learning a foreign language. Let’s try our best!

【Cafetalk Translation: 11/24/2014】

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