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Are you struggling with English?
Have you spent a lot of time studying English, but it's still difficult to have a conversation with a foreigner?

Then I might be able to help.

About me
I'm not your traditional teacher from high school, instead I'm a language learner just like yourself. I've studied a number of languages, and in recent years I've spent my time studying Japanese. But I don't just study languages, I also study the psychology of learning, so I have learned how I can learn faster and spend less time. So when I teach my students I always use this knowledge to help my students become able to speak as fast as possible.

My teaching style
I'm a very patient teacher who try to keep a light and cheerful atmosphere when I'm teaching. My lessons are centered around conversations so you can become able to speak fluently and comfortably. Don't worry about making mistakes. I will correct some of the mistakes, but generally let the conversation flow. I always strive to make my lessons fun and engaging, so I create a warm and comfortable environment where you can learn and grow without worries. After the lesson I will send the material I used to teach you so you can use it for self-study. I make my own lesson material so I can better tailor it to my students' individual needs and so I can optimize it for fast learning.

Special study techniques
Over the years I've learned and experimented with a number of different language study techniques. I've mastered the techniques that worked really well, and discarded the ones that didn't work. When I started teaching my own students in Denmark 2.5 years ago, I also included these techniques in my lessons, and my students were really happy about them. My most prominent student used these techniques to go from knowing nothing to being able to hold conversations in just 4 months. So during my lessons I will explain the study techniques and skills so you can also use them to learn faster.

My goal: That my students get fluent in English in a fast and fun way

So if you want to learn to speak fluent English, book one of my lessons or take a consultation and we can talk about how I can best help you. I had several students back in Denmark, and all of them were different, so I'll do my best to help you in a way that suits you the best.

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