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Profilo di J. Matsumoto

Hello and nice to meet you!
My name is J. Matsumoto. Thank you for visiting my profile!

About me : 
I have lived in New York for 10 years, but I moved to Dallas, Texas in August 2016. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I have also lived in Singapore for 1 year plus before moving to New York. I have visited many countries as Thailand, England, Denmark, Bahamas...and so on.

I used to be a jazz-dance instructor and choreographer when I was in Japan. I have also performed for musicals, Christmas shows, and other dance performances.

I graduated from a classical music college as a vocal major. I also studied for Japanese language teacher training course. So I'm a certified Japanese language teacher for foreigners.

I have experiences teaching...

  • Group & Private lessons for Adult & Children (Singapore)
  • International Secondary school (Singapore)
  • Private lessons (New York)

I can teach...

  • Beginners to Advanced levels
  • Business Japanese
  • JLPT
  • Children
  • Essays, Theses
  • Learning Japanese through Manga & Anime
  • Learning Japanese songs

I offer lessons...

  • You can study in your own pace.
  • You learn from a native-speaker.
  • You learn with practical and effective worksheets.
  • You can learn not only language but also Japanese culture.

Let's learn Japanese with me!
I'm looking forward to meeting with you!

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