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Tantissime notizie e curiosità del mondo dai nostri tutor di Cafetalk!
皆さん、コロナの影響(えいきょう)で、StayHome の 生徒(せいと)さんも多いと思いますが、   テレビでおもしろい漢字の覚え方を放送(ほうそう)していました。   ...
日本のお正月の定番(ていばん)のお年玉について紹介します。   お年玉はお正月に、親や祖父母(そふぼ)、親戚のおじさん、おばさんから子供達がもらえるお金のことです。 ただ、そのお金は...
In Japan, people eat the seven herb rice porridge or 'nanakusa-gayu' on the morning of January 7th....


Profilo di Yukiko

Welcome to Yukiko's Nihongo "Pera pera" class. "Pera pera" means fluent. I can help you to become fluent speaker in Japanese.

"Japanese books";"A Japanese language school" might teach you basic Japanese; intermediate Japanese, but can you understand Japanese native speaker's conversation at natural speed? I think you can't, because there are various expressions every language.

For example, "to eat" means "taberu" in Japanese.


taberu, tabemasu, itadaku, meshiagaru =to eat

We change the words depends on a situation. I have a confidence to explain each situation. Why? I learned from my Japanese student via Skype Japanese lesson. The students asked me various questions. For the first time, I was struggled to explain the difference of a delicate nuance for each Japanese words. Of couse I have a education of teaching Japanese  in University, but I figured out the best way to teach Japanese via my Japanese lesson.  

I always think that my students are my best teachers!
にほんご ペラペラ(pera pera) に なりましょう! 

Hi everyone, I'm Yukiko. I was born in Nagasaki prefecture and raised in Kanagawa, Japan, and I have many years of experience teaching Japanese. Perhaps you're just curious about Japanese, but you can't speak at all yet. That's fine, since I have plenty of experience teaching beginning Japanese, and I also speak English. Perhaps you've studied Japanese grammar and vocabulary, but you have trouble speaking Japanese smoothly in real-life situations. That's fine, since my lessons are geared toward practical Japanese, focusing on speaking and listening, which will build confidence for real-life conversations! Whether you're just beginning, or you're preparing for JLPT exams, I have lessons to suit you."

I am a graduate of the Aichi Sangyo university program for teaching Japanese. I am certified to teach Japanese to non-native speakers. And I am comfortable speaking and listening to English.

I specialize in several areas: 1. teaching beginning Japanese; 2. helping visitors to Japan learn basic language skills to enhance their trip to Japan; 3. helping students to prepare for and pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT); 4. helping experienced Japanese speakers enhance their skills.

Yukiko's Japanese teaching method is different from other Japanese teacher.   It's FUN and EASY!!
I'm looking forward to talking with you.

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