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Tantissime notizie e curiosità del mondo dai nostri tutor di Cafetalk!
Published 24 Feb, 2016 | View: 1955
Self Improvement
 月の引力が、人の心や身体、社会に影響を与えている、という話を 聞いたことはありますか?  交通事故の発生率や出産・死亡が月の満ち欠けと関連があるのは有名ですが その他にも、狼男の物語は、月の...
すっごく楽しい連休だったり、のんびり過ごせた連休だったりすると 連休明けは、なんだか身体も重たいし、 イマイチやる気が湧いてこないし・・・って、なりやすいですよね。 私は、連休中もぼちぼちペー...
前回に引き続き、自分の脳みそを触る方法についてお話します。 前回は「皮脳同根」という観点から、皮膚に対する優しいタッチングが 脳を癒すんですよ、というお話をさせていただきました。 今日のキ...
え?自分の脳みそ?触れるわけないでしょう!と思いますよね。 確かに頭蓋骨で覆われた脳みそに、直接指で触れることはできません。 でも、脳に触れる方法はあるんです。 どこからどうやって触れると...
いきなり「エンジェルカードでお悩み相談しています」、 と言われても、「それ何?」って思いますよね。 占いみたいな感じ、というとわかりやすいですが 厳密には占いとは少し違います。  ...

Profilo di chiaki.s

Nice to meet you! My name is Chiaki and I am an aromatherapist & spiritual counselor.
I will answer your questions about relationships, dating, raising children, and more, both with psychological knowledge and from a spiritual point of view.
If you need someone to listen to you and understand you, I will listen to everything that your heart is having a hard time putting into words.

<Education and Work Experience>
When I was a student, I developed an interest in problems such as abuse and family pathology, so after graduation, I worked as a teacher at a public kindergarten in metropolitan Tokyo.

Due to my husband’s work transfer, I stopped working at the kindergarten.
Feeling lost due to my halt in my career and the loneliness of raising children in a new environment, I began learning a variety of healing methods such as reassessment counseling, aromatherapy, British style reflexology, Reiki healing, angel healing, angel cards, etc. and opened up my own healing salon.

I have over 10 years of experience as an aromatherapist, spiritual counselor, psychological counselor, and aromatherapy instructor. 
As I worked, I also went back to college and got my degree in psychology in order to deepen my knowledge of the human psyche.

<About My Family> 
Including my husband and two sons, we are a family of 4, but my sons are already independent so I live with just my husband. We have been married for a long time and my husband took a long break from work due to a breakout of depression, so we had a hard time both emotionally and financially. If you are suffering from depression, a developmental disorder, or other mental disorders, I hope the knowledge that I gained through that experience can be of help to you.

<My Bobbies>
My favorite hobby is aromatherapy. Other than that, I have always loved reading, ever since I was a child. I have been volunteering as a story reader in local elementary schools for over 10 years. Having story time regularly with the children is one of the sources of my happiness. 

I may be able to accept last minute lessons or lessons outside of my regular times. Please feel free to contact me.

Translation: 9/2015 - The Cafetalk Team

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