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Profilo di CatalinaC

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Hi, everyone!
I'm Catalina and here are some facts so you can get to know me better:

I was born in Romania and raised between Romania and Italy. I'm a native speaker of both Italian and Romanian since I grew up in an Italian - Romanian household and always attended bilingual schools.

I currently live in Rome and I'm a professional translator.
I've worked for a Non-Profit ONLUS Agency for years, helping them teaching Italian as Foreign Language to adults and children.

I'm passionate about English Language and Culture, Art, Books, Cinema, Animals and of course Food.

About my lessons: 

Don't worry if you do not speak Italian! 
I speak English and I'm here to help

I truly believe that the best way to learn a language is with the conversation.
Of course, you need a solid base of grammar but to really improve and boost up your skills you need to talk and make it your own.

As I said I'm here to help so if you need a tailor-made lesson,
in a specific field that you feel you need to improve I will be very happy to work and build a custom lesson for you.

But if your goal is to learn and improve your language skills in a light and fun way, you can choose between all my lessons that are focused on the conversation.

As I am a passionate Foodie, I also offer cooking lesson where I will teach you, step by step, everything about Italian Cuisine!

Hope we will have fun together while you will learn something very useful!

Note: It will be very nice if before starting any lesson you could request your trial lesson so I can meet you and understand your language level.

Have a nice day!

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